Mplayer on Zaurus

Yes, mplayer works on Zaurus. No, there is no nice GUI and there are some issues of after it exits the screen still being the last frame of the movie, becasue it writes directly to framebuffer and doesn't use qtopia.

I am aware that I haven't updated this for a while. I was in the process of getting MPlayer-0.90pre8 to work, and my screen was cracked when I opened it, so it is now being sent back after a huge hastle with Best Buy. (One store in Wichita is good for service: the west one, the east one is not.) Anyway, I am hoping to barrow someone else's to get it working. I apologize to anyone who sent me an email, because the email address listed on other parts of this site is very very seldom checked. You can email me here (Please note that a (your money OR your corporation's money)+$1 fee will be charged for handling of spam). Anyway the instructions that worked for MPlayer-0.90pre5 (and should work for pre8)...

Update: Zaurus still isn't back. :( However, mplayer 0.90pre8 has compiled on someone else's. However, I haven't posted it yet, because my main goal is getting libSDL to work with it. The build instructions are the same (my files, such as configure and codecs.conf below likely won't work. New files will be posted when it works with libSDL (which should eliminate several issues, as libSDL interfaces with Qtopia, and does sound resampling etc automatically)

Update (10/18/02): Zaurus is back but Best Buy ruled it "Customer Abuse" and didn't fix it. The run around and general crap I got just asured that Best Buy will not be recieving any of my business in the future. I have not as of yet gotten libSDL working.
GD Lewis ( suggested that mplayer -quiet -cache 256 $file eliminated the choppiness he was having.

Update : 17 Nov 2002: uploaded a pre10 to this directory from

compilation: I reccomend compiling it on Z, but that is not neccesary. Reason: ./configure doesn't detect random things. (using dev_img1.3 from sourceforge zaurus site, mounted at /mnt/dev and setup with see the sourceforge site for more info on that (NEED TO PUT LINK HERE)) This requires some sort of expanded storage either via nfs/network or expansion cards because after compiling the MPlayer direcory was 25.something megs large, and the development image takes up about 16. I assume you know what you are doing generally and have the terminal,etc. installed.

Trip-ups: PATH must be set up with (if adding /mnt/dev/bin to $PATH) /mnt/dev/bin before /usr/bin, because busybox's ar doesn't work for compiling mplayer. example:
export PATH=/mnt/dev/bin:$PATH

Step 1:
unbzip2it - on another computer (Zaurus doesn't have bzip2 by default) and gzip it. or grab this -Please download this only if you have a zaurus and no access to another computer.
(This is correctable now, see ZarusZone's feed.)
Step 2:
transfer it to zaurus, doesn't matter how.
Step 3:
edit configure script.
delete/comment out everything between "echocheck "pthread"" to "echores "yes (using $_ld_pthread)"" (lines 1571-1595) and add in that space "_ld_pthread='-Llpthread'" (without the double quotes) Step 4:
./configure --disable-gcc-checking --disable-mencoder
(If someone can get --enable-mad and libmad working, please email me)
libmad should now work with mplayer. Unfortunately I haven't gotten it working yet, and it will be about 2 weeks before I get my zaurus back, so check back at least by then.
Step 5:
Step 7:
mkdir ~/.mplayer
cp ./etc/codecs.conf ~/.mplayer/codecs.conf
then edit the file and remove the sections to the empty line of "audiocodec mp3" and "audiocodec mad" Step 6:
./mplayer -quiet -framedrop samplemovie.whatever
it should play the sample movie. you may very well need more options. If it is slow or something add "-vop list=resample,format:fout=44100" If this doesn't work read the docs about sound especially and play around. This information put up in the hope that it helps someone, but I don't make any promises,etc about it working, just what worked for me.

Additional notes:
People have reported that SDL can be used, and there is almost no difference in speed of video and improved audio (as in no more messing with -aop list...) Also with sdl, subtitles can be displayed, if fonts are in ~/.mplayer (the std location, see the DOCS. (Credit goes to
If people compile packages that work with with SDL, mad and such and would like me to post them here, please email me, and I will post them here.

Lazy people:
binary that may or may not work. (it works on my Z, but I may have some extra configs you don't), try grabbing it and putting mplayer in /usr/local/bin and put codecs.conf in ~/.mplayer/codecs.conf mplayer here Not an ipk, just the binary for now
The configure script as modified here
The codecs.conf file here